ADDRM 2018


Diagnostic Accuracy of a Device for the Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in a Primary Care Setting | NL Research ⁦@AMC_NL⁩ ⁦@VUmcAmsterdam⁩

The impact of hypoglycaemia on quality of life... ⁦@drpratikc⁩ says ‘mild’ hypo is not really mild, it has an impact on the person’s fear of hypos, productivity & quality of life in general #ATTD2019

Doctor my HbA1c sucks. Yes it does says the doctor. Hba1c has a poor correlation with glucose values @ATTDconf #ATTD2019 Beter use TIR. Prove for this now published in diabetes care.

New analysis from DCCT (using 7-point SMBG profiles) provides much needed evidence that TIR can predict complications #ATTD2019

Closed loop studies have demonstrated the incredible variability in insulin requirements between & within individuals. Couple this with variability in insulin delivery & pharmacokinetics says @drpratikc and its clear why we need automated insulin delivery systems #ATTD2019

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